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Good day

Thanks for the replies, both the accusative and the otherwise.

Im sorry if my answers were "muddled" or not so clear to some, thats what you get when you answer more than one reply in one reply under time constraint, so i just discuss by topic and not by person, but please bear with me, thanks.

Here we go;

Believe First and You will See
Many got lost over the long post and forgot the thought;
"If you dont believe you can, you cant, coz you wont"

When I discussed about my business, Some say, "no its not true", "no thats not how it works" or "thats how cons work".

First, id like to say it works, and im thankful coz it works that way, otherwise if it doesnt, id be broke and a lot of people would be suing me.
Another thing, I dont make business proposals, I go to the prospect partner which i believe would need my business and tell him straight the basic thing he need to know, which is how he would earn. If he believes the system, then we start working and he start earning if he doesnt, i leave him alone for a while, I come back again when I think hes ready. Coz I believe everyone wants to earn, some are just not ready yet.

Some say, Trust or Confidence is what you give in Business and Not Belief.
How do you trust something or have confidence in something you absolutely dont believe in?
Would you really put your money out on a business you dont believe would work?
I wont :)

Another postulated that before you enter a business, you study it first, gather data, etc. And the moment you do that, youre already past the Believing Before Seeing part.

I ought to thank you for implying that you believed first before doing the research, by saying you are "past" that. :)
But I still have a question left about that;
During the times of gathering the data for the Feasibility Study for the preparation of your business, is your business already there? I think not yet, right?

For the one who asked if its true that i have cured cancer patients, and wouldnt believe me coz i said i only earned a few grand out of it.
Yes i did, why i didnt earn millions out of it? well not yet, first coz i only had 5 patients and second its very very cheap compared to the pther stuff they use today like chemo, cobalt ,etc.

But as ive said, our company earns Billions a year for helping out curing not just cancer but a lot of other diseases, and thats just part of their program among other things.

God and Morality
I gave an extreme example on the topic of how having a god or diety defined the norms of countries and society.
Most (but not all) gave me the "sick jerk" reply.
Most seems to focus on the Example and not the thought, just as they did on the "believe and you will see" part.

Ill give a very short review on what we studied in Elementary, I dont know if its the same with what they taught you then.
The IDEA of a Paragraph is on the First Sentence. A sentence ends with a period.

You currently live in a society of norms of good and bad if you backtrack and seek its source it starts with a belief, you cant take that away or disregard that.

Actually even the "Golden Rule" is a belief, which actually is partially wrong. It came from the "an eye for an eye" belief.
Why do I say its a belief? Would you do it if you dont believe it? or if you dont believe it possible to be done?

Why do I say its partially wrong? Well beyond that, at certain circumstances, "impossible" even. Why?
Coz if someone killed you, would you kill him in return? How are you going to do that when Youre already dead?
Thats an old college discussion.

About Atheists and Skeptics
One defined Atheist as
"simply a lack of belief in a god"
Another defined it as
"doesnt believe in the existence of a god/diety"
Another said
"people who don't believe in gods"

On the other hand.....

Someone defined Atheist as
" they're skeptical of the existence of gods."
Another said
"Atheist=Skeptics as to whether a god exists or not"

Please settle this one. I mean, what is it really?
What is an Atheist? and What is a Skeptic?
Are they the same? or are they different?

On Practice
The rule of Knowing God is Obeying his Commandments

1 John 2:3
"And we can be sure that we know him if we obey his commandments."

Knowing that fact changes the scene, How?
If the people or country some say proposes themselves as Christians yet are in chaos or internal conflict or is filled with crimes.
You are talking of "people who dont know God"

So what's your case there? Nothing

Show me a group of people who "really" knows God and show me how they could be in chaos?

A Group of people, who obeys God
Loves each other as brothers and sisters in faith.
Doesnt Curse, Doesnt Steal, Doesnt covet his neighbor's wife.
Eats what is commanded, and doesnt eat what was not.
Among other things.

How can this group be in chaos?

The Intangible
One say Love Hope among other examples I mentioned , doesnt count for the proof of God.
No it doesnt, but the postulation is that if God dont exist simply because they are not Demonstrable or are Intangible, what more are these things. At least God had a book written of his claim of existence, Love, Hope, Knowledge, Belief, Future, etc didnt.

One said you could demonstrate Love (example: giving roses)
 :- Really?  :-

You mean if i gave you a rose, it would mean im in love with you or something?

So the hot girls from this Vegas Hotel gave me a bunch of roses when I entered and I didnt notice that theyre making a proposal of Love.

By the way, God is not a "thing", and is not of the mind too but of Spirit and not a concept. I just used the "Love Hope Fate" stuff in the terms of Intangibility and Non-demonstrability

Past Present and Future
If one says the "Past" is in existence. What is your proof?
If its "past" then that means there is no more of it.
Some may give a Classic Movie, but the movie is still here so its not really "past".

If one say the "Now" is in existence. What is your proof?
If you i say Now this "Now" is written, thats a few seconds ago so that Now is not Now
So what is Now?

Much Worse if you believe in the "Future", what is your proof?
At least the past has a Classic Movie to hold on to.

The point is, you wont have Physical Proof of these yet you can factually say it has, it is, and it will be.

Gods existence is close. Only God's proof of existence is from the things he manifested.
Some would say, "God didnt manifest that, it happened on its own."
If you ask how and ask them up to the very source of it, they end up with an "I dont Know".

About the Fusion
The main topic of that is Belief, not the Fusion Reactor's usefullness or sustainability really.
I dont know why people concentrated on the Example and forgot about the Idea.
Please read the previous posts.

It keeps people from losing money, YES
But it also keeps them from earning money, when they doubt everything specially a Good Business.

Big Bang Theory
Ill discuss this for the sake of those who cant get over it and keeps mentioning it.

Big Bang is Big Flop
A theory where no proof was given that shows that Order can be a byproduct of Chaos.
In a smaller scale, you cant build a doghouse by simply throwing a grenade at your backyard

Yet so many people believe it and its in many books taught in many schools.

Point is, its easy for a person to believe in the Big Bang where most of the evidence points against it.
Yet its not easy to believe in God due to the supposed lack of Physical evidence of his Non-Physical Status.

Its Logically Illogical
Bye for now Guys

Happy Discussions and God Bless  :)

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