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Hi guys, its been a while since Ive been online, now I see alot of replies to my replies to replies on my replies to my reply to the question in this thread :D

Let me discuss the things I said one by one Per Topic in accordance to your replies, so I wont need to bore your eyes with alot of quotes and unquotes.

Here we go:

Believe First and You Will See

Belief is not what others think as non-negotiable or unchangeable. It can be changed in a slight of a moment, specially when proven wrong.

Believe First...
In business, before you do a certain business, there are alot of belief involved, you believe first you can do it, you believe in your plan, you believe in your partners, you believe you will earn, why? Because you havent started yet. If one says he has a business he doesnt believe in, he is probably making a false claim, why? because you wont do it if you dont believe you can. So everything starts with belief in that aspect.

...then You will See
After you believe you can, then you act on it. After you act, thats when the results come up. Then You See the results of the business.

If you dont believe you can, then you cant coz you wont.

My work is to offer people a way to earn using my business system. If I tell a person, I can make you earn $600 a day with my system, if he believes what i say then he partners up with me and he earns.

To the guy who said this kind of business run to the ground, the business im doing is running with thousands of micro-franchises in 11 countries worldwide and is earning a few Billion a year for 7 years, i earn a few hundred grand from it within just a year. Its a Believe first and you will see business. Believe you can, believe the system, do everything according to the system, then afterwards you will see results. Its looks like the "Believe God's words Do it and you will get Salvation" gig right?

Most people say, your systems looks good but sounds too good to be true (Skeptics). Yes it does, but thats how it works, not the other way around. Doubting and Skepticism is Normal. You doubt you can or you doubt the system. But no person became a businessman by being skeptic or doubtful over everything. Why? Because a True Skeptic wont act on it unless he see something solid, like a bunch of cash coming out of your pockets. And no one earns anything by purely doubting everything.

If theres a job like that and it pays millions for doing "doubting" tell me lets doubt it every minute so we will get rich quick :D

Anyways, Thats the reason why I say there are no real Atheists, simply Skeptics as to whether a god exists or not. This being based on the replies i got from you guys like the "i dont know" stand and the "Unicorn" stand.

If Im not mistaken, Unicorn means Single Horn, right? If so then yes I believe such an animal exists. Others have just come to the conclusion that unicorn means horses with a horn. But it is something that resembles or looks like a horse according to the definition of the legends. It might well be a rhino, depending on the idea of the guy who saw it first. Its like Santa on a Christmas eve, you saw him putting gifts under your tree when you were a kid so you say there is a Santa. Some others didnt see so they say no there is none. The fact is there is one who looks or resemble Santa who put gift under your tree. The Main Question is; Does he exist? YES that guy who put that gift exists, whatever you might call him.

As For God
Some say he exists, some say maybe he exists, some say i dont know, some say maybe not, some say no. The reason for religion is the belief in a god or diety, and this gives people the idea of good and bad, even the American constitution or any country's constitution has a religious basis at some point. The idea states that law abiding is good, non-law abiding is bad. Good has benefits and bad has punishments. Its the old Good and Evil battle simplified.

Skepticism over God's existence is acceptable at certain terms, but saying "No, God Doesnt Exist" bears the question of "Why do you do good and why you dont do bad?" or "Why do you keep on the standards that are standardized under the laws directly connected to the belief in the entity you dont believe?"

Without the belief in a God or in a Diety, people wont be the same. Everything would probably be in chaos. I myself would have killed so many people who were gravely at fault with me, if i didnt believe that there is unbearable punishment waiting for me if i do that besides imprisonment, prison is bearable. How Come? Coz there would be no difference between good and bad, one would be doing only acts of self preservation. There wont be any morals, like not doing to your kid what you do to your wife at night.

Now there may be some who may say that theres alot of people who says they believe in God but doesnt practice morality, Yes there are, but one is not the whole.

Proof of God
My proof of God is His Creations, i just mentioned the Bible as a reference.

One gave an example of lightning and thunder, in need of a lightninger or thunderer? No just a Creator :)
Creator of a fully functional Universe that may contain substancial lightning and thunder.
(Batteries not included) LOL :D

Its like a clock maker, he made a clock, its like you asking, "What about the tik-tak of the clock? Does it need a tik-tak-er? No just a Clock maker.

About the cure for Cancer, there is already, I had 5 cancer testimonials already under my account, 1 brain, 1 bone, 2 colon, 1 kidney. It earned me a few grand.

And about the Fusion,
I said the guy "was able to come up with a fusion reactor". I wonder where you get the word "Self-Sustaining", I didnt say that.
Anyways, fusion reactors now can already be made at home, you can make one if you want.
A Kid did: Here's The Link

About the verses in the bible that someone has Seen God
Have you read it really that it was really God they saw? Or was it just the "words" of the "person who allegedly saw"?
How was it said? Was it said in a manner of Teaching, or was it said in a manner of Expression?
What did that person actually see?

Some people read verses then conclude, Please read the context.

About the marriage, thanks for affirming what i said Mr. Samothec. The spouse "Believes" that the one he or she will marry is a good partner. Thats the point, believe first then you will see. If you dont believe, then you wont marry the person, therefore you wont see if he or she is worth marrying. Right?

On Demonstrable Things
If one says God doesnt exist because he isnt Demonstrable, kindly demonstrate to me "Imagination" "Future" "Belief" "Love" "Intellect" "Knowledge" "Fate" "Destiny" among many other things.

You dont really mean to use the term Demonstrable, maybe what you mean to use is Tangible. You need Tangible proof.

Either way, Whether it Tangibility or Demonstrability that is your issue, both cant be done with "Future", coz what we always experience is a "Now" and the "Past".

Try thinking of this scenario:

Now is a Proof of the Past, and the proof of Now's Existence is Now. Its like a -what you called- "Fallacy of circular reasoning".

If you wont believe the Existence of Now, because it is a fallacy to have the Now as a proof of the Existence of Now, then Now dont Exist in your belief.

If the existence of Now is the proof of the existence of the Past and you dont believe that the Now Exist due to Fallacious Circular reasoning, then how would you believe in the Existence of the Past?

It follows then that if you dont believe in the "Past" coz its Existence is based on a Non-Existent Proof which is "Now" due to the fact that "Now's"  Existence is based on a Fallacy of Circular Reasoning. Then How much more would you believe in the "Future"?

Take Note: "Future" has no proof yet, and wont have any...           ...ever.

If you wont believe in the Past, in the Now and in the Future, coz they are mere words that are not Demonstrable nor Tangible...
...how much more would you believe in God who is Hayah, Howeh and Eheyeh (Past, Present and Future) all at the same time?

If one believe in the Past, Present and Future, then you do believe in God. You're just not sure who he is or what he is and maybe you simply would like to have more proof of him manifest in your life.

If one dont believe in the Past Present and Future, thats a very problematic situation. Right?

Scenario End

Ok so thats for today hope you guys give time reading this, thanks.
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