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The existence, or lack thereof, of anything in the universe is not a matter of opinion.  It is a matter of fact that is right or wrong.

We don't have all  the facts. A person is allowed to have ideas and attempt to fill in the gaps.  Are you saying that what we don't know about the universe doesn't exist?   I can have the opinion that the universe was created and that is an honest opinion.  I don't care if you agree or not about this issue, and I am not going to discuss it with you any further.  Intelligent design is a possibility and that's that.

And unless you don't think your opinion is any more reasonable than the alternatives (in which case it wouldn't really be an opinion you held, would it?), you're at the very least saying that you know of good reasons to hold your opinion in contradiction of other options.  Which would still be dishonest, because you don't, hence the manner in which you're characterizing it as an opinion.

I did agree that it was an opinion that could very well be incorrect. I did not dismiss other options at all.  You are just playing a word game.  And get over this "dishonest" nonsense. I never lied to anybody here yet or to myself. I never claimed that my opinion was correct. I only claimed that it was one possibility amongst other possibilities.

Yes.  Did you read what you have posted?

Please don't push me.  I am not going to waste my time arguing semantics with you. Of course I read what I posted. I wrote the posts!   If you are here to insult me, then I am finished responding to you.
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