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Quote from: Jag
So, rather than follow up on what else scientists have to say about the origins of the universe, you decided instead to believe that a magic man in the sky is responsible. Interesting that you will refer to science to make a point, but fail to see why that isn't a good option for you of all people to be using in this case.

I find it rather silly when people refer to God as a "magic man in the sky" but I will entertain you for the time being. I also find it even more silly, when theists get insulted when they perceive that someone has insulted God. They are NOT God so why are they insulted? 

I have followed up on what scientists say about the universe, and I can also simultaneously surmise that if science proves how the universe was formed, it was God that used that science to create it.  I can use both options simultaneously and not be a fault.

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