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First off, spirituality is different for every individual who experiences it.  Spirituality is the belief in ones own spiritual experience, religion is the belief the experience of someone else.

I find it helps if you define a word without using the word in the definition.  If you could try again without using the words "spiritual" or "spirit", I would find it more useful. 

Secondly, the afterlife is impossible to prove and I believe in that as well.  Some of you also believe in multiple universes, which is also impossible to prove.

Let's not make generalities. This is you and me.  If multiple universes are things which by definition cannot have evidence, then I don't believe in them.   What "some atheists" believe is irrelevant.

Also, please don't try to make this one of those conversations where I point out some incredibly stupid aspect of religion and you try to equivocate and say I believe something similar.  This is not tit for tat, and whether I believe something equally stupid is not the issue.  There is no quid pro quo on stupid ideas.  My stupidity does not make your stupidity any more acceptable.

I'll say up front that I believe some stupid things.  But there are a lot fewer of them than there were 5 or 10 years ago.  When I find I believe an idea that cannot be supported, I jettison the idea. 

You, on the other hand, have already said proudly that you keep at least two completely unsupportable ideas.  So you are already behind the eightball. 

And finally.... I WILL ignore the more zealous atheist types. I don't care whose "back yard" it is.  And if you can't forgive that, then all I have to say is too bad.  Deal with it.  It's my choice. not yours.  Are we clear?

No, we are not clear.  At least, you are not clear.  You see, we have rules here.  There is a link to them in my sig, if you've not read them.  When you signed up, you agreed to follow them.  Just ignoring other people whenever you feel like it is not just rude, but also against the rules.  That's not to say you have to respond to each and every post.  It just means you need to engage with others. 

And while I cannot make you do anything, I can limit your choices.  I'd rather not have a pissing match though. 

Are we clear now?

I have thoroughly read the rules of this forum and there is NO rule that says I must reply to EVERYONE who chooses to engage me in discussion.  Like everywhere where humans are involved in a group,   there will be people I like and people I don't like. There will also be people who may or may not like me as well.    That is a certainty.   I will not engage in conversation with people who are out to insult me and that's that.  I will not be intentionally rude or insulting to anybody here and I expect to be treated the same. If you are saying that this is unacceptable then too bad. I will not comply.   You may watch me ignore those types at your discretion.  That is my choice to make and that is final.   However, you are not being so rude. You are just bluntly being straight up.  I can appreciate that.  I actually like it.   I will not attempt to engage in any "pissing matches".    Also, I am not just going to ignore someone because they got the upper hand on me in a discussion.  However I WILL ignore spiteful behavior.  There is enough negativity in this world and in my life, and I WILL NOT add to it.

Peace Screwtape.  I hope I get the chance to enjoy a lot of the discussions here. 

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