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Are you serious about the bible smuggling or was that a bit of hyperbole? I'm impressed either way.

So would it be correct to say that Christianity more  filled an emotional need in your life than you recognised in your heart that you were a sinner separated from God the creator of the world, and in need of the salvation Jesus offers?
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Totally incorrect - you don't get to suggest or intimate that my faith wasn't 'real'. You might, as many Christians do, find it uncomfortable to think a true believer could walk away from the faith but whether you accept it or not I was a born again believer. And now I'm not.

You came to the conclusion God wasn't real based on more than some questions of biblical context and relevance, I assume?
You assume  correctly. It took 7 years of anguish & doubting until I cam to the conclusion that I could no longer call I myself a christian and that I was in fact now an atheist. Research & reading in the fields of history, anthropology, archeaology, biology, physics/cosmology, pyschology, neurology just left me no room to move. All of my arguments, beliefs and assertions melted like chocolate soldiers in the cold, clear light of logic & reason.

But enough about me & back on topic (although yes I did smuggle a suitcase full of NKJ bibles across the border).

@ wheels5894 - it really doesn't matter if the law was "completed' or 'fulfilled' (certain degree of semantics). God obviously thought they were valid and worthwhile enough to get himself nailed to a crucifix for them which is a big thumbs from the sky daddy for slavery, the execution of children and so forth
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