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The book of Hosea is a metaphor that highlights God's love. What communicates love better? Saying I really really really..... really love you and quantitatively having more "really"s. Or do actions speak louder than words and so God orchestrates a real life analogy of how much He loves aka the book of Hosea. That's just one example, there could be plenty more (dying on a cross is one more) but id say in general love is better communicated via metaphor as opposed to cold calculated precise statement.

I'm no expert on the book of Hosea, but from what I understand; Biblegod is pissed because some Israelites have stopped worshipping him and are instead worshipping Baal and breaking Biblegod's orders. Biblegod has two main options here from what I can see;

Option 1. Appear in front of the Israelites to remind them he still exists, show a Bluray on a massive screen detailing exactly what he's done for Israel and why they should worship him. Explain clearly why they have to go through shitty lives and what he'll do for them when they die.

Option 2. Persuade some bloke to marry some poor woman who has been given a bad reputation by men in the hope some people will see this as a metaphor for how much He loves the Israelites. Have the first born son named after some valley in the hope that people would understand this was a statement about His feelings for some kingdom. Persuade them to have a second daughter and her name will be a metaphor for how He likes some people and doesn't like others (although none of this is very clear and open to the old 'interpretation'). Then persuade them to have another child who's name is meant to be interpreted as some other message.

Yes. Yes I can see how Option 2 would be the best way to pass a message. *Rolls eyes*
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