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I think you've got something there. Any new extraordinary idea needs extraordinary evidence to be believed. I think this is the way most people think, trouble is as we know, religion has been indoctrinated into most believers since childhood so the extraordinary idea for them to accept is the reality that gods don't exist.

In my own line of work as an aircraft engineer I've heard a couple of main conspiracies in aviation from outsiders; one 'chemtrails' (chemicals sprayed routinely from aircraft to control or infect the population) and 'pilots see UFOs all the time but will be sacked if they talk'.
All nonsense, but if you explain to a 'believer' that chemical spraying would take lots of resources and involve loads of people, some of whom are bound to talk (engineers, tankers, pilots, loaders, etc) and simply doesn't happen, the believer will just think that I'm part of the conspiracy.

Real life doesn't work like a movie. In real life things break, people talk, mistakes are made, people become lazy, huge secrets are very difficult to keep.
In 1967 in England, some aviation students placed several mock crashed UFOs in a line across England (following Ley lines) and waited to see what would happen. The farmer that found the first one called the police; they weren't interested, it wasn't a crime. Then he called the RAF; they weren't interested, it wasn't one of their aircraft. He called the army who told him to call the RAF again who told him to call the police again, etc. In real life, nobody wanted the responsibility. I think in the end the army eventually grudgingly came out and their response was to blow it up to see what was inside.

I do treat conspiracies the same way I treat gods. If you tell me about either, I want to see your evidence and I want to know how YOU know about this. Question everything is how I feel, maybe because I'm a maintenance engineer.

Following on from the original poster, I'll routinely question my doctor or dentist or lawyer on the course of action they're advising me to take and if I feel they're wrong I'll keep going until they've convinced they are right or I will not accept their advice. Probably also the reason why I can't accept religion's gods.
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