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Mark Twain's words say it better than I ever can;

"If men neglected “God’s poor” and “God’s stricken and helpless ones” as He does, what would become of them? The answer is to be found in those dark lands where man follows His example and turns his indifferent back upon them: they get no help at all; they cry, and plead and pray in vain, they linger and suffer, and miserably die."

Gods do nothing. Not one thing. To claim they 'work through men' is an insult to the people that study and research and toil to alleviate suffering, disease, poverty and hunger. Gods do nothing because they can't; they are imaginary.

Prayer never works. Not once. Imaginary beings cannot grant wishes. Take a crumb of bread and place it in an upturned glass. Pray from now until the end of time for your god to lift that crumb up and stick it to the bottom of the glass. It will never move. We all know this. Theists will already be making excuses for their gods failure before even trying this; "Ganesh must not be tested", "Allah does not perform tricks", "Biblegod doesn't give you what you ask for, he gives you something better."

I hear from believers all the time about how "If I could only see, I would find Jesus" or "If I would take off my blinkers and open my eyes I would see the glory of god."
The sad truth is that it is believers that walk around blind, closing their eyes so they may see only what they want to see.
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