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It is worthwhile to read the entire article, which I'm sure you have:

“in an article published in a 2006 issue of the Journal of Research in Personality, Gettysburg College researcher Brian Meier and his colleagues argue that Adams’s findings can be better interpreted as the homophobic group’s “defensive loathing” of gay males rather than a secret attraction. Drawing an analogy to other phobias, Meier and his coauthors state that, “We believe it is inaccurate to argue that spider phobics secretly desire spiders or that claustrophobics secretly like to be crammed into dark and tight spaces.” These investigators reason that Adams’s homophobic sample experienced erections in response to the gay male porn due not to sexual arousal, but due to their anxiety over the images, which in turn provoked the physiological response of penile engorgement.

I have never accepted the argument of Adam's et al: it is far too convenient. Basically, you look like an idiot if you feel that homosexuality is at all unpleasant.  Do you dislike the Christian establishment and the evangelical churches because secretly you wish you were a member but cannot admit that to yourself, otherwise you would lose face with your peers? How unlikely is that?

What is lacking is the ability to empathise or understand. The play/film [wiki]Watermelon man[/wiki] makes the point and is well worth seeing.

I cannot see why anyone would want to eat a tomato, I feel queasy even watching a tomato eaten - I have no desire to be a tomato or eat one - I cannot image it - and I have no desire to change. Am I a bad person?
I'm not saying that homophobia = repressed homosexuality, but in my case-- this was true.

You cannot see why anyone would want to eat a tomato, but it tastes good to some. You must know that because it doesn't taste good to you, doesn't make it bad. But the queasiness? It's just a tomato, that's something you need to get over. No one is spilling blood all over the street.

You need to actually rank things by an objective level of intensity rather than taste. i.e Eating a fruit, killing someone, drinking a glass of water, being late to work. i.e your response to watching a murder should not equal eating a fruit.

(Jumping overboard to make a point)
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