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another possibility - celestial coversation:

jeezus:  dad, dad... yo, where are you?

YHWH: who the hell is looking for me now...? Oh, hey son... wait, what are you doing back already, what's it been like thirty years? 

j h c: yeah, I'm back, it didn't go so well.  Thye umm, well, they crucified me.

Y: They crucified you, damn boy you look like death warmed up. What about all the magic tricks I taught you? You did that thing with the wine, right, I mean I made wine to make their hearts glad - that trick should have killed!

j h c: Yeah, I did that one and some healings and a few of the ones you said to save to really wow them - the raised from the dead stuff.  Those dudes stunk by the way. Seems it all went to shit when I started talking about you being my dad; they got all pissy and beat me up pretty bad and nailed me up on a cross. I think this is a job for more than one person.  Could we try maybe a couple dozen more messiahs to get the word out and maybe send some badass angels to protect them?

Y (scratching beard): Hmmm, maybe... what did you tell them before you died?

j h: I told those bastards I'd be back within 36 hours to kick the asses of any who hadn't seen death yet... But frankly, I kinda like being here again.  Streets are nice, running water and virgins aplenty.

Y: Tell you what, just leave them with your parting words and see what they make of it.  Let's go play golf on this new planet I just made yesterday. We will get back to earth in a couple weeks... or thousands of years... whatever, all the same to me. What's your handicap, by the way?

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