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Just wish you guys could put up some decent opposition. You seem to prefer the short wise cracks. And I don't think its off topic at all. I actually think its a pretty accurate assessment. Of course, you could try and prove me wrong.  :-) So far, I don't see any evidence to the contrary. I mean look how long you guys have been here and you're still banging on with the same old stuff. Don't you get bored? Or do you like the feeling you get from being "right". Plato would class that as prideful behaviour, me thinks.  :-) 

I apologize we are not up to your intellectual prowess and are not living up to WWGHA's lofty academic standards of peer reviewing obscure manuscripts about GOT. Maybe when you sell a few million copies of that tome you can set up a website for Mensa members to debate with you.  Call it "Why won't Thomas Feed my W(o)lves?"  Good luck with that.

I especially like your line about "banging on with the same old stuff"  Hopefully, you can see the ir(o)ny in that comment.  Talk about wanting to be "right" - how many threads have you peppered with your pet theory? 

Here's my theory to prove wrong - no one here is really interested in debating your nuanced version of another gospel, aside from asking you to prove it and logically demonstrate how "59 jesus" offers any less nonsense than the current popular version that has been around in oh, I dunno 35,000 varieties for 2000+ years.

And if I hear that wolf story again, I am going to kick my dog really hard.  His fate is in your hands!

Bad form yet?
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