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Can I ask why it makes you feel closer to god? I get the exact opposite feeling.

If we find evidence of life on mars will that also make you feel closer to god?


In my former theistic life, I would have said the same thing as junebug said.  Now, it feels like everything I learn/hear about/etc moves the god delusion further to the back of my mind.  The god of the gaps keeps slipping further and further into assurance of non-existence (ok, call it 99.999%).

I'm sure it's not original to Dan Barker, but in his book Godless he talks about how supernatural explanations for daily events would always be the LAST thing we naturally go to in our lives.  For example, he says if we leave a shopping mall and cannot find our car, we start with: I forgot where I parked, maybe it was stolen, or towed, maybe your spouse came by and got it, etc, etc, etc... Way down the list would be angels spirited away my car! 

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