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Well, his popeness only speaks for the westernized view of christianity-catholic version, so what happens to the do-gooder atheists who've never even heard of his sky god?  What about god-believeing priests who bugger young boys?  They still in?

This opens up a whole smelly can of worms, so as jdawg says - the spin machine will get busy blurring all this and telling us to move along quietly... AND GIVE!

This just in from Shyster Ahole, President of the So. Baptist Convention:

  "I want to reassure all true christians, in light of the pope's pronouncement that all atheist need only do good works and make it to heaven, the position of true believers and the inerrant/unchangeable word of god is that atheist will still all burn in eternal hell.  So, rest assured, true believers, they get what's coming to them - forever!... Now GIVE!!" 

(ok, so it's not a real quote - at least not a public one) :)
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