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I know the atheists here don't believe in "superstitions" and what not, so this question is more for the theist in the forum.  I hope that the atheist members will have some input here as well.

  It did however get me to thinking that maybe America is cursed.  It was taken by force from native americans and enslaved and beat Africans for hundreds of years. 

So do you think that America is cursed and if so why.

I do not in anyway think that anybody deserved to die.

I live in OK and no, I don't see any evidence of these curses you speak of - who would do the cursing and how? 

Besides, I'd bet Canada has 10 times more frostbite, bear attacks, dead batteries, and heart attacks traced to back bacon than the US...

Australia has waaay more skin cancer than Canada, so I'm guessing they are cursed since they displaced the Aborogines?

...post hoc ergo propter hoc... ???

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