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I'm in Oklahoma, and after the massive tornado yesterday that has so far been credited with taking 91 lives, I'm now seeing the steady stream of folks on TV saying how god protected them, god helped workers find their children, etc.

It's a horrible, horrible tragedy here - it looks like a nuke went off.  People were still wandering around the area late last night in shock - nowhere to go, no idea where family members were, no power, gas lines ruptured and poised like ticking time bombs. 

As a newbie atheist, it sickens me to hear talk about how god "saved" so and so and to hear constant appeals for prayer.  I need to write an apology for being such a doofus and saying the same nonsense for 36 years. 

Just a few comments/questions for theists:

1. In your worldview, god sent this tornado - right into a heavy residential area that was destroyed 13 years ago by a tornado, along the exact same path, and what at the time was one of the worst in US history.

2. I watched the whole thing, start to finish.  god "made" a nice one too: it formed just west of a heavily populated area in an empty field, built up monstrous strength, then SLOWLY plowed through homes, FULL schools, hospitals, etc.  This baby was on the ground for nearly 40 minutes and for 20 miles - during work and school hours too!  If god had waited a couple days, at least school would have been out!

3. Oklahoma is firmly in the bible belt, and you cannot throw a cowchip without hitting a church.  "jeezus is in so many folks' heart" here they'd crucify you for saying you're an atheist.  Hell, half the yards are still sporting their plastic "He is risen" crosses from easter... So skygod whacked the shit out of one of his true blue bible thumping allies (again).  Brainlessly, some twit on TV just gave him credit for "finding his dog" in the rubble of a school (where up to 30 kids died (?!?!)).
4. Sorry, I had more but my stomach is turning at how senseless this line of skygod reasoning is; so I'll stop...

Finally, am I angry at this god?
Hell, no!  No more angry than I am at Zeus, Prometheus, Snow White, the easter bunny, gremlins under my bed, or any host of imaginary things in our lives.  So don't go there.  I am angry about those believers harping about god and his goodness, holding prayer vigils, etc.  Get off your knees and go help instead!

Sorry if this sounds angry - it's just a sad scenario and some leftover superstitions from the iron age are of no use....
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