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Similarly, with your atheism, I'd hazard a guess, based on things you've said, that your wife is already beginning to realize that there's something going on there.

In some regards, yes, she's starting to pin me down every now and then on things I say or don't say (those xian mantras you are supposed to reapeat at the appropriate time).  I've tried to watch myself, after some of the initial exuberance I felt at finally ridding myself of xianity.

Here's something I did at Easter that sent up some red flags from her:
  We'd always read an Easter account from one of the gospels each time bunny day rolled around.  This year, I asked everyone to read an individial account in each of the gospels and report a timeline of events at our "bible study" time.  The three kids and the wife all took a gospel each and reported back. 
  Wow, what an eye opener to hear each one report a totally different account that in no way jibes (or harmonizes" as fundies say) with the other... kids were interrupting saying , "no, it was one woman in my story," or "wait, he said go meet him in Galilee." 
  The wife asked afterward, "what was the point of that study - to try and make us doubt god's word?"  I said, I just wanted everyone to hear what each gospel writer had to say about it, as I pointed out beforehand.  What they take from that or assume is up to them.  She didn't like that answer and essentially told me it was our role to tell them what to think about the bible.  Ugh

So, yeah, I think my time is short...
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