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I've been lurking about here for months reading and dare I say learning, so I finally took the leap and joined.  Thanks to all of you for your insights - it's truly been enlightening, in a non-theistic way!

I grew up in aso. baptist home and raised my hand for jeezus at a young age, hoping to avoid hell and all that glop.  For 36 years I was a "good xian."  I taught some sunday school classes, went to bible studies, read my bible in spurts and tended to pray at least once a day - never for amputees though.  I guess I didn't believe after all...

Finally, I confronted the doubts I'd had over the years but had just chosen to ignore, thanks to the religious kool-aid that kept me quiet.  I even enjoyed reading apologetics - although I stayed away from online battles.

Finally, I dove into the questions and it's amazing how clear things become when you realize what a scam the whole thing is.  I won't belabor the point, but I'm done with it all and am fully agnostic atheistic.  The tipping point was Genesis - whoah! and the lunacy of the 4 gospels.

I'm still living a bit of a lie - I'm in the closet, as far as my family goes.  My wife is a big time believer and to even question things is a major "lack of faith" so I'm just staying out of that horrible battle.  It won't end well. 

Thanks again for all your support - you post logical, helpful info and it really lifts me up when I wander back home sunday afternoon after nearly biting my tongue off sitting through another church service.
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