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Many of the regulars here will tell you in much more specific terms than I that preaching to us here will NOT garner you much favor.  If you assume you are talking to a bunch of god hating folks who've never darkened the door of a church or cracked open a bible, you'd not only be hopelessly wrong but downright condescending.

Many were "true" christians for many years (like myself) and many, I would wager, have forgotten more about the bible than you have learned at this stage in your journey.  I and many here have read that holy book cover to cover - many times.  I know your lingo and I know you think you are dealing with people who have never heard or considered what you are saying.  I'd urge you to read some posts here - not just this thread (although it may run you off when you see what you are going to be up against).

Good luck

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