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What would it take for me to believe??

I'm with a few other atheists and refer to Greta Christina's blog.  God would have to speak in all the languages that cover the Earth in a clear message is understood everywhere.  Even in Antarctica where the science lab is.

All the stuff in the New Testament written decades after Jesus died  and then copied hundreds of times with added passages by non professional  scribes doesn't cut it.

The so called miracles of Jesus curing leprosy sounds like a silly parlor game.  If he supposedly is a powerful God why not cure everyone with leprosy.  Why let someone go through a painful death just so you could raise them from the dead.   

There is no evidence of Moses wondering the desert with 600,000 able bodied men.  And this doesn't count the women and children.  It would be one thing if archeologists didn't know where to look but the Bible lays it out.  There have been nomadic encampments found from hundreds of years earlier but nothing pointing to Moses.  Zip.  Nada.  Zilch.

It's all silly stuff and I don't believe one word of it. 

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