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Just thought I would say a few things about myself and ask a question:
        I grew up on a farm and maybe got to spend more time outside than the average kid because my parents homeschooled me from K to 12 (if I worked really hard I could be done and outside by lunchtime; however, if I slacked off it could be a long day).  My parents did most of the teaching and supervision until grade 10 when the subjects started to require a bit more preparation time than they could manage.  It was at this point that they enrolled me in A BEKA Video school produced out of Pensacola Florida.  Not sure how many are familiar with A Beka Academy but suffice it to say, it could be classified as super ultra conservative in every way.  While I don't agree with everything they taught, I am still a theist and am probably more sympathetic to the US than are most Canadians (except when it comes to hockey).  Today some of my biggest interests are watching sports, quality beer and cheese, and a good game of cribbage. 
        One question I have is in regards to quoting sources in posts.  Is it good etiquette to quote from a book that I might own or have checked out of the library or is it best to always have a link to an on line source?
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