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     If this god is unlimited in power and this truth is the most important truth ever, shouldn't it be easily accessible to every individual? (Just to clarify here - I don't consider having to sift through an incoherent, rambling, inconsistent collection of books in order to find the most important message to be even remotely easy.)... If there is a god that wants me to acknowledge it's existence or it will torture me - that's pretty damn important to know. At the very least, I expect that god (assuming that it is the tiniest bit fair) to give me some definitive and meaningful insight into it's existence. Is that really too much to expect from an all-powerful being?

Just wondering if you would agree that the following accurately describes your view of God, hell, and the scriptures:
1. if hell exists (a place of unspeakable, eternal torture) and:
2. if a God exists who possesses the attributes of power, love, and knowledge to a maximal degree and:
3. if humans are truly free in their actions (which would make a warning of an eternal hell relevant), then:
4. God would desire to present the clearest possible warning to us of such a place
5. We do not have a clear warning, therefore:
6. the Being described in (2) does not exist
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