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     My mom, in the popular parlance, “led my to the Lord” when I was five years old.  She came into my room one evening to tuck me in and read me the four spiritual laws booklet.  I can remember saying a prayer and experiencing an authentic feeling of joy like that which Christians often talk about.  My purpose here is not to justify to you that my experience was real or to convince you that I was correct to see this experience as authentic, because it was personal – incommunicable as it were, just as anything that we subjectively experience is incommunicable.  I guess the point I am getting at is that my mother didn’t throw the cosmological, teleological, or ontological arguments at me; she didn’t attempt to convince me based on the appearance of design in the universe; she didn’t attempt to present a case for the historicity of the gospels; and she didn’t try to read of a laundry list of answered prayers that she had experienced (unlike our rather vitriolic friend Andrew (-: ).  All she did was ask me, “would you like to meet someone who has meant a lot to me”.  So my answer to the question “what would it take for you to become an atheist” is that I would have to lose my experience with Christ first.  I could conceivably give up every single one of the theist arguments and so long as I still was experiencing Christ it wouldn’t matter. 
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