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Xyzzy,  Should I have bolded the questions?

I did not invent God I just took the bible out of the equation.  I am proud of every word I've posted.  My beliefs don't hurt you or anybody else, not even me.  That's the way belief should be;  Harmless! ;)  The bible is not harmless.

If I, a mortal, can be loving then I am certain that our immortal creator is loving x 100! If God exists!

That's all you get until you answer my questions. :blank:

Or you can go ahead and admit you lack respect for us both because we believe in God!  Or you're problem with me is I'm too darn sweet!  Neither a good reason to disrespect someone!

Gosh, Junebug, you certainly could have bolded the questions, but I feel that all that would have accomplished was to draw even more attention to the fact that they did nothing to remedy the lack of support you have provided for your OP.

Further, rather than pursuing this strange narrative of Junebug the oppressed, it would be so much more helpful if you could, you know, provide support for your premise. But seeing as you insist...

You are correct, I did not answer your questions and the reason is that I considered them to be inappropriate and unhelpful in terms of furthering the discussion of your claim. Concerning OldChurchGuy. I can only repeat that I made that point in support of the position that it's perfectly possible to hold a contrary position, one based on faith, and still be a respected and well-liked member of this community. That you managed to turn that upon its head, is something I wonder if you shouldn't take some time to reflect upon.

Now, I'm going to make some comments in general because I would apply them to any member of this forum, not just the individual noted above.

Junebug, generally speaking, I don't think it's appropriate to ask one member to speak on-behalf of another, especially when that other is neither a participant in this section, nor in this thread. Further, to insist that one person make a personal statement regarding another is not only inappropriate, it's completely and utterly disrespectful to the other individual to do so.

Regarding yourself. Apparently the fact that I am willing to spend a not-inconsiderable amount of time working on posts, engaging your arguments, reading back on your previous replies, all in an attempt to move the conversation forward, means something different to you than it does to me. That's your prerogative, I suppose.

So, to answer your final question above, and in the only manner to which I think it dignifies a response: the fact that you would ask that, and that you would do so from the platform of demanding that someone defend themselves against the position you have assigned to them,[1] makes me consider if the individual in this thread with the least amount of respect for junebug72 - is you.

Now, may we please get back to the actual topic of this thread - that of you providing support for your claim?
 1. it's really a loaded question - another fallacy
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