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Yet in Genesis 15:5, the Bible speaks of the stars being too numerous to count. Not bad for a superstitious text written by nomadic herders approximately 4,000 years ago.


It says, "YHWH promises Abraham that his decendents will be more than the stars in the heavens, even greater than the sand on the sea shore." See, even an todler can look up into the sky and realize, "There'z lotz and lotz of starz dada!!!!" Not bad for a toddler, eh? To know just as much about the stars as Abraham, Moses and YHWH.  What it does not say is, "There are over a billion stars in the Milky Way alone and there are billions upon billions of galaxies in the universe.

If you were to understand the metaphor, they're not talking about the stars, not really... it's an allusion to say, "You're going to have lots and lots of decendants."

Well, of course, even if gzusfreke's answer were accurate, the stars were too numerous for them to count!

Many (most?) people of that time in that area were illiterate, most likely only slightly numerate, and I wonder, does anyone know, did the Hebrews even have the conception of 300 billion, that being one of the considerations for the number of stars in our galaxy and, also, a possible answer to the number of galaxies in the universe?

So, yes, 300 billion x 300 billion = "lotz of starz, dad" (as Ivellios rightly points out) and is really, truly, absolutely, a scientific observation of staggering accuracy. Not.

FFS, man (gzusfreke), you'll give yourself a hernia if you continue stretching in this manner.

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