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The bottom line is that we thanked God, not because He proved something to us.  But because we already believed.

Patrick, so here you are admitting that you didn't get a sign, you didn't have anything unusual, you just decided that it was what you wanted to believe. It's confirmation bias through and through.

Wheels mentioned this, I'm going to too.

I was going to say you got lucky, but much of it wasn't luck at all. And that makes your thanking this mythical being all the more galling and utterly disrespectful too. You won't talk to people who don't treat you in a certain way, you said that. But, what the heck, disrespect the people who saved your child's life, so you can continue to find ways to maintain your belief in some mix-n-match tribal god - Hell yes!

Look at like this:

Only the top tier of students even get into medical school. You won't find a Dummies Guide to Being Your Own Medical Doctor on Amazon.[1] Many perish and don't see it through.

The top tier of the top tier of students get into the best medical schools. Just like any university.[2]

The best doctors-to-be get residencies and fellowships at the best hospitals.

And then, 8-10-13+ years later out pops a doctor, a surgeon, a really good one, but one that is still learning. And so on.

The best doctors consistently achieve the best results. You can look them up and find out who they are.

Do you think the most skilled medical professionals start their daily routine with a "dear god, keep me in the top rankings because my position there certainly isn't due to hard work" prayer? Perhaps a panel of believers says the "keep the top docs in the top rankings" prayer, but I seriously doubt that they do. No, I doubt that you do too?

None of this is luck. None of this happens because people pray. It happens through hard word and dedication.

In your case, you didn't sit there, pray, and get a vision: call a helicopter, tell it to go to UW which is not where they'd normally go,[3] make sure the EMT does his bit, alerts the staff, so that they can be ready and waiting.

And, had you done so, what would you have prayed? "Dear god, please do make sure that several years ago, all the people who are looking after my child had the foresight to enter a career in medicine". Again, of course you didn't. Your prayer was probably something along the lines of asking for your child to be saved, but in the medical sense.

In other words, your prayer was nothing more than wanting what was going to happen, to happen. In that case your medical team arranged for the best and most appropriate care - as they rightly should have.

Your prayer was for your own benefit: it made you feel better; there's simply no proof that prayer affects medical outcome in any significant manner.

But it doesn't end there, that's actually where it begins. Medicine is a team endeavor. There are many specialities (you know this, of course) and tons and tons of ancillary staff.

All of whom work together so that you can piss all over their hard work with a "thanks god"?

Sorry, man, but thanking the invisible man in the sky for any of this is so disrespectful, so self-serving, so out of touch with the real world,[4] I'm close to calling you names.

 1. This one is self-referential, though -- http://www.amazon.com/Complete-Idiots-Guide-Homeopathy-Sollars/dp/0028640039
 2. http://youtu.be/OXRi28W-ENY?t=38s
 3. It wasn't, that's my point
 4. Even if it's an unintentional slight
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