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Christianity makes sense?

Yes, it does. To many people.

Perhaps it does make sense to some who were raised with it.  But can you explain Christianity in such a way as to have it make sense to others? Fully mature and  educated others at that. Where are the legions of converted Muslims and Ph. D holding scientists? You get a  few of them, but it's so few as to be statistically insignificant.

I personally know many fully mature and well educated people who have become convinced that Christianity is real and makes sense. I don't really care if it is statistically signifiicant.

You see, this is where I just don't get it. Even the way it's phrased "have become convinced" brings to mind coercion of some kind. I know that's not what you meant, but I just don't see people comparing Islam, Hinduism, Christianity and going "oh, bloody hell, those other two are just so dumb. But, Christianity, that just makes sense".

We don't see the current geographic distribution of religion suddenly shift to all Christian, because it makes sense. We see people generally adopting the religion that is culturally prevalent or passed on from family. Why does it not make sense to people living in areas that are not Christian? Why does it need missionaries to provide anchoring from their work to their god?

Let's look at the holy books for a moment. I don't think the Old Testament makes sense, and certainly not if I take it as a whole. It makes sense that it is simply a collection or writings from the area and of that time, but as the delivery vehicle from the almighty? No that doesn't make sense.

Moving on, no matter if I look at it as stand-alone or a sequel, The New Testament doesn't make sense to me either. In fact, if I look at it compared to other religion's holy books, it makes no more sense then they do, and none of those make sense to me as some kind of supernaturally inspired work.

What I do see, however, are people who attempt to make sense out of what they read in those books. I see people who attempt to make sense out of this world by adjusting their version of their sect's version of Christianity, so that they can believe it. Specifically, I see people who retreat to the argument from faith as a way to make sense of the contradictions between what their religion says vs what reality delivers.

I don't think that any of us are trying to argue over semantics, but when you say it makes sense, a more accurate description to me is that when believers have twisted, turned, interpreted, clarified, added to, subtracted from, correctly understood, studied, and put into context their version of Christianity, that they can convince themselves that it makes sense to believe what they already wanted to believe?
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