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But what if I'm determined to make the most of this life and don't want, let alone need, an afterlife? What if I've given it my all and have found meaning in what I've accomplished, what I've done, who I've met, where I've been, and have sampled all the world's best chocolate?

What if I have an Advanced [Afterlife] Directive which clearly states "DNR - not even the big one?" Then what?

The concept of an afterlife seems, to me, suspiciously like "be good and eat your veggies then you can go out and play". But let's say I'm wrong, there's a god, there's and afterlife, but I've indicated my preference to opt-out as above.

Am I going to wake up and go, "For FFS, big Y, first you cause all that unnecessary suffering and angst with your silly game of hide-and-seek and, now, here I am even though I asked to be left alone. May I go now?". But let's say it's his house, his rules, and I get to stay. That's hardly respectful is it?

Then I look around and all my broken bits are working again. The wonky parts of me that he designed when he had an off-day are now fully functional, and everyone is as perfect as everyone else. Even Paris Hilton. Oh, and Rap music doesn't exist either.

"Well then, Yah, mind if I call you Yah, or do you prefer Mr Weh? Too bad you couldn't have done that when it would have made a difference but thanks. I think. Oh, and good on you for finally feeding those starving kids in the Sudan who found their way here without a GPS. Nice one, kiddo". Is that how it works?

But what if the afterlife does exist, and I get not to go, as desired. Is that any better? Does the memory of my existence get expunged from everyone who ever knew me? Pets too if the believer has left the "no-soul, no-service" box unticked when they invented their version of heaven [1]. How is that fair? What if the little old lady that I helped cross the street was thinking gracious thoughts about me when she took one on the noggin by a bowl of petunias that, improbably, had reached terminal velocity [2]? Is it fair to take away that happy thought?

Sorry, but this afterlife concept is going to need a lot more work before I allow myself to be distracted from the only life that we actually have any reason, any reason at all, to believe exists.

[1] Do pets go to heaven?

[2] Oh no, not again
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