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No, you have that quite backwards. You have wasted my time!!!! You bring up some nonsense about "telepathy" yet have ZERO evidence for it, can't demonstrate it to anyone, have no good reason for thinking your interpretation is accurate (w/ plenty of evidence to the contrary), and are clearly practicing confirmation bias (as you've stated that you don't care about contrary evidence or argument), and yet you continue to babble on about it (defending it, describing it, posting rebuttals, etc, etc) as if we should change our minds about it - all b/c you would 'take a lie detector test' and that should prove it!? 

Your "I experienced it so I believe it" claims are identical in nature to that of fundamentalist Christians, Mormons, Hindus, Muslims, Scientologists, Astrologers, and New Age cultists. And just like you, these people also post unsubstantiated pseudo-science articles, videos, and webpages in an attempt to support their asinine religious claims. Why would you come here and post such a thing, wasting so much of so many people's time when you knew damn well that you could not support such claims with evidence or sound reasoning? What you've done here is outright inconsiderate, arrogant, and rude.

Not just your time, Median. Have you not noticed how he literally repeats himself by cut 'n pasting his previous responses, redundant signature and all?

Perhaps he's off because he fears he's about to get rumbled, and he has plenty of other people whose time he can waste with untestable claims? Linky
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