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Sorry I don't think I made my point clearly enough. I accept that we can talk of ethical preferences, but that is not necessarily the end of the story. So kippers vs eggs, my preference is one that relates to taste; which is mutable and personal. However there are other preferences where one preference is better than another. For example; if I have an aim (x) and two possible ways to attain it (f and p) then I can compare f and p to see which best attains x.

No preference is inherently better than another.  A preference is only better than another if it helps you achieve your aims better.  It is not inherently better to "behave in a manner which benefits me most", it's only better if benefiting yourself the most is your aim.  It is not inherently better to "flourish as a human being" either.

People seem to have a tendency to assume that subjective things are worthless.  I don't really follow this line of reasoning.
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