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This "dying" for our sins stuff is so strange. Especially given that many christians say he is coming back. Which means he's not very good at dying. So why should we be impressed by any of his other skill sets?
   We believe He is coming back because He is so good at another skill set: Resurrection.


The sum total of the reasoning behind this belief is the ancient ramblings of people who didn't know enough to keep their crap out of their food.  Honestly, this is the year 2011.  Get over it.  Jesus is not coming back, and if he existed at all, he sure as hell did not resurrect in the first place.  It's been 2000 years, with hundreds of failed end time prophecies.  I just don't get how rational people can believe this stuff. 

I'm with jetson here.  The entire thing is hopelessly embarrassing.  Really.   

At least God has a sense of humor.  Voltaire had your guys world view and stated that "in 100 years the Bible would be a book relegated to Antiquity"  (in museums).  One hundred years after his death the house he lived in was a warehouse/distribution center for the Bible.  It was packed to the eaves with Bibles going throughout the world.

Imagine Lennon who basically said the same thing.

Good luck fellas (luck or chance is the basic foundational cornerstone principle/"fact" of your world view). 

So it's either luck (chance) or faith based on a book that has not been proven wrong.  Which will you choose?

Dang, I wish they would have called it the magic particle instead of the God particle, even though God did create it if it exists.  The magic particle will only make your world view less tenable.
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