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Sigh. Here we go again. See, riley?

The reason we or anyone else on the planet thinks that the Theory of Evolution is valid is because 1) it has held up under a century of rigorous testing and 2) it works in application and 3) it leads to accurate predictions. It has nothing to do with god or atheism. It is plain scientific fact. If you have evidence that, after 150 years of testing and experimentation, actually counteracts the TOE, bring it on and collect your Nobel Prize. Scientists all over the world are waiting.

By applying the theory, we have invented entire new fields of study like biogeography and forensics and genetics; we have been able to develop vaccines to combat diseases as they evolve resistant strains. We have not only explained the existence of certain fossils, but have accurately predicted what kind of fossils are missing and where on the planet to look for them. (And we have found them where the theory said they were to be found.)

In addition, the theory predicted the existence of genes and DNA so that scientists could look for and discover them. The things that the theory says can't happen (like a cat turning into a snake or a bird turning into a fish) don't happen. And the things that the theory says happened have evidence to back it up.

For example, the theory says that organisms evolve from simple to more complex life forms to adapt to changing environmental conditions. So you never see early mammal fossils that are older than early reptile fossils because simple egg-layers like reptiles predate more complex mammals that bear live young. You find the early spore-producing ferns in existence before more complex pollen-producing seed plants appear.  And you can use info from different fields, like geology, to check your work.

Again, it does not matter what you believe. You can still have a flu shot.  The science works no matter what religion you believe in. If you want to insist that mammals and reptiles and plants were created all at once you have to deal with the century of evidence that says different.

What "rigorous" tests?  What new species has formed/evolved in the last 100 years?  Name one!  Come on you guys!  Bacteria (still bacteria) have become more resistant?  Wow, that nails it.

What has been observed is the argument creationists use to explain how all the "kinds" of animals fit on the arc.  There was no Golden Retriever breed in the 1700s, the breed was bred from guess what?  Monkeys?  No.  Dogs!

Applied how?  How are we applying evolution?  I know we are genetically engineering seed crops, but, genetically engineered corn is still corn.  It has nothing to do with evolution. 

The Theory of Evolution is now "scientific fact"?  You need to learn the language of science and study more, you have fallen into the kool-aid vat. 

What testing experiments in the last 150 years support evolution?  Name one please!  In fact, all experiments to "prove" evolution have been abysmal failures.  Miller experiment (abiogenesis really), fruit fly (the most experimented on animal) to name two off the top of my head.

The fossil record!, come on, even your guys can't agree on how it was even formed or how much original material was present and in what form to even accurately date anything.

And from this non-consensus you blather on about "early mammal fossils that are older than early reptile fossils because simple egg-layers like reptiles predate" blah, blah, blah.

Today's scientists are calling in kind mutations proof of evolution.  "This mechanism (mutations)was present when" blah, blah blah...viola, out popped a new species.
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