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And this understanding is the only one possible? It couldn’t be, even remotely, that we – given our limited experience, viewpoint, knowledge, etc – can’t imagine what Heaven could be like? Are you saying that there’s no way we could be wrong in our understanding of Heaven (assuming it exists, of course)? Why do we claim that we, who are finite, flawed and selfish, can imagine what it would be like to be enraptured in eternal, perfect, complete and unconditional love?

Have you ever been in love? Deeply in love? I love my wife deeply and as perfectly as I can manage. I want only to love her and for her to be happy. I want my love for her to be complete, total and unconditional. I don’t want to desire other women so that I “feel something different.” If I did that, then I would not truly love her. I would be selfish and self-centered. Many people in our society think you can “love” other women or men and still “love” your wife or husband. They’ve done that by redefining love.

Heaven is to be enraptured in eternal, perfect, complete and unconditional love. We can want to feel or desire other things, because we will still have free will. But we won’t want to. Go back to my earlier analogy. . . It’s like eating mud all your life and then being given real food – such as a nice, thick, juicy steak. We won’t even think of wanting to eat mud again. Why would we?

This is part of the problem. People make promises like 'this is what Heaven is' and then when I comment on how from my perspective it seems undesirable 'but we can't imagine what Heaven is like, it could be even better than that'. Why are we even discussing it if even the people telling me what its like then tell me that even they can't actually imagine what its like? What are you basing your statement on when you say how wonderful it will be? It's an exercise in futility.

I can imagine what eternal bliss without desire is like. I can imagine its like hooking a monkey up to a pleasure machine and giving him the button. In the absence of any needs, it just pushes the button, my precious; it pushes it forever. And that in a nutshell, is what our internal monkeys want from heaven. So that is what I imagine Christian Heaven to be; an infinite number of monkeys, each with a button in their hand, lined up to the end of an infinite horizon.

Given our limited viewpoint and experience (indeed, yours and mine both) proposing that an afterlife is anything more than that doesn't really make much sense. Our limited viewpoint and experience is how we get our information about the universe in the first place.
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