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But the point is, if you are going to yammer on about the Golden Rule, and how Christianity invented it, you are really doing this typical Christian thing of implying the Golden Rule is superior and invented by the Christian god. It's just as annoying as the way Christians implicitly take credit for their God creating the universe or morality.

The Golden Rule has not been proven to be superior to anything, because we have no idea of how the universe really works. In Christianity, God and Jesus just tell you to do it, without explaining why. They could just as easily say you should whack yourself on the head with a red ruler every day. But would we fall for that? Would we believe that was the secret of life? Probably not, but (in this case) we are stupid enough to believe that the Golden Rule is the superior secret of life, so Christians try to own it.

Such is the progression of Christian logic: find pretend superior things that they can pretend to own. Their exploitation of the Hebrew text was just the start.

When I think about it, God is just another thing they pretend to own. They can't prove he exists, but no matter what he is, they own him. The Hebrews didn't own God, because God sort of of messed them around and didn't give them anything. But Christians own God. They talk to him, and he will let them into his Kingdom for free, after finding their car keys and healing their dogs. It's a wonder they don't depict God on a leash. God, the humble servant of Christians.
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