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Add-People will die no matter what.  :blank:  Rich people get sick and die too.  You can not eliminate it by getting rid of poor people.  That post is so sad. :'( :'( :'(  Helping people releases good chemicals in the brain, gives you a good feeling, and you are loved by all you touch and will be remembered, immortalized, by your kindness.  It also would create a less violent world where your chances of being murdered drop dramatically.  Desperate people do desperate things! :o

That's interesting. I never mentioned rich or poor people, but as you read my post, you inserted Social Darwinism onto it, and assumed that rich people were intelligent and poor people were dumb. If you wish to interact on a forum, you should pay attention to what is written, not your preconceptions. If you don't, then all you learn is what you knew in the first place. Your post also assumes that I was endorsing Social Darwinism, when your question was "why doesn't a utopia evolve". You then rejected the obvious fact, that it hasn't evolved, so it can't, and inserted your own belief that my attitude is what is obstructing your proposed utopia, that you know can't happen anyway.

Put simply, again: if you have one tribe of people who are getting along, and the tribe next door decides that it would profit from killing and raping the peaceful tribe, then the violent tribe wins. In order to prevent this happening, the peaceful tribe needs to have huge army, and be able to think like the violent tribes. Hypocrisy then evolves.

The uptopia you want, is a Marxist mental thing. It can't really be evolved.

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