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Thanks for your highly intelligent explanations. 

I think I understand what you're saying.  I just can't help but think there is something missing.  Something we still don't understand.  Like what about pedophiles,necrophiliacs, or animal pervs.  How do they benefit a society or a gene pool?  IOW, How through natural selection did we get people like this. Why aren't we all well mannered, kind, empathetic's working together to build a strong society that functions without poverty or violence. 

One point I would like to make is gays are often outcasts not the family babysitter.  I am happy to say it's getting better but Most people still view being gay as unnatural.

Uggh. You have to think of how a human transitions from a normal mammal to a brain-oriented, cooperative mammal.

One of the distinguishing features of mammals is that males compete for females, by beating each other up. Polygamy in Islam and Judaism is the tail end of it. If you have one man owning 3 women, then what are the remainder doing?

Given that the mammalian instinct is to rape a female, and then leave, beating up any males you pass on the way, it figures that some modifications have to made, in order to bring up slow-maturing children in a cohesive tribal situation. One thing that's important, is to start liking other males, and start loving females. In other words, the whole emotion dial has to be turned up.

There is not a great deal of sexual dimorphism in humans. Females, are smaller, and have some bumps on them, but otherwise, they say they are equal. How do you genetically attract people together, given that it's irrational? Other mammals' attraction is triggered by sense of smell. We don't have a sense of smell. The basis for our attraction is mental (logic).

To give us an incentive to get past the fact that children are a PITA, a burden, and deadly to have, we have evolved huge emotional eroticism. Given that all our emotions have been dialed up, and we are looking for a post to rub against to get to orgasm, and there is no physical/chemical stimulus to direct men at females, besides the fact that the penis fits into a vagina relatively well, then it follows that sexual direction is poorly targeted. If 100% of the females have been owned by 30% of the men, then the 70% of men left out, are going to start rubbing against something.

Like what about pedophiles,necrophiliacs, or animal pervs.

Dial up emotions, fear, insecurity, bad parenting. Mix it in with rejection, and add a dressing of being over-attracted to vague things, and you have humans, rubbing themselves up against anything.

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