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So the whole universe was made for people? Just so that people could build aeroplanes and make electronics ?

Argument from incredulity, and a strawman. We don't really know that anything outside our own brain really exists, let alone things outside the solar system. It could just as easily be designed to facilitate any intelligent life, or life that already attained the purpose. (We could be just rejects, if that makes you feel better.)

This assumes that brains capable of making aeroplanes and electronics were also designed.

It doesn't assume. Tends to indicate that the system was designed to facilitate things like that.

Chimpanzees don't make aeroplanes and electronics.

They aren't the pinnacle of creation. Anyone, or any group can be a fail.

It is a pity that the planet was not designed well enough to prevent people from starving to death or from disease,

If it was designed in that way, it would not cause evolution. It would be created perfect, finished, and be static and pointless. Therefore no point in doing it.

or that the laws of physics made it easy to build spaceships to colonise other planets or build time machines.

That might be a bit of a backward way of looking at what our future holds. 60-70 years ago, we all thought that we would fly around in UFOs by 1990. Nobody really envisaged the way computers developed. There could be other twists, where we find ways of travelling, without moving, and ways of going back in time, without going anywhere, such as simulating this world backwards, or creating a similar world, using quantum computers. In which case the inhabitants of the simulated world will all be sitting around talking about a God who isn't there. (Or could be there, depending on who ran the simulation, or what the point of it was.)

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