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I remember when I was a semi-brainwashed New Ager, when I was 16, and I explained the principle of reincarnation to a Christian (who obviously already knew about it). Although reincarnation seems like a logical, evolutionary concept, he didn't like it, because it meant having to do shit again and again. However he wasn't too concerned about what he'd be doing in heaven for eternity.

There is a tech cult that believes that quantum computers will eventually be able to re-compute us, and resurrect us.


In this case, the buggers will not leave us alone, so now is your time to opt out, by anticipating the protocol specifications for an opt out. I anticipate that the opt out format will be similar to an ordinary internet packet, starting with a version number (implicit 8 bit word on first byte, for version 01), then a word length, length length, length, language option,  ...  Important in version 1 is byte 5, where you specify whether you are joking or not. 01 means that you would like to be resurrected in the case  that it involves lots of interesting and pleasurable things, and power over whether to change your mind, later.

01 08 02 25 01 01  I FUCKING OPT OUT ::END

Mind you, we could also use XML
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