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I think it is a logical assumption that given you are the only former member of the Silent Majority that you are the exception to the rule because surely others would have started commenting if they were not comfortable with me speaking for them.    I give these timid souls a voice and I don't apologize to you or anybody for that.

I did actually laugh out loud at that one. I think most of the lurkers are Google and other web bots.

Ok, I need to get my beauty sleep.  I am going to ask that you guys review my posts, absorb the information like a sponge,  and then be prepared to ask followup questions tomorrow.

Fucking troll.

Something you might like to know, is that Kayne and Kim are getting married, and Kayne wants to buy Kim a wedding dress that will show off her arse. If it pleases you, I will admit that Kim's arse is actually irreducibly complex, ... or at least more complex than anything you've said.
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