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Guys, stick to the facts. One by one. Your sounding more like  believers than knowers.

What's the first fact you'd like to challenge.  :-)

Well, you are getting some insights into what it would take to change a believer's mind. You are a believer in your theory, because you have put all this effort into writing a book. Therefore, you cannot change any of your views, or your book will start to fall to pieces.

Here's an opinion that the Righteous Teacher et alli. are actually prophecies that were supposed to happen around 200BC. Scholarship was tainted by the original discoverer of the Damascus Document (in Cairo), who proposed that they were historical figures.

This nicely explains:
(1) why they are not mentioned by name
(2) why carbon dating doesn't support any theories
(3) why there is no historical information that jumps out at you, besides a date which puts it rather early
(4) why it talks about apocalyptic shit that happened after the Teacher's death

Call me a pedant, but if it was about Christianity, it would sort of be jumping out at you. It is therefore more likely that this is a document about total crap, oblivious of Jesus, rather than something that was written to foil modern Christians. If it was written to foil modern Christians, then some facts would stand out.

If I was going to build a knock-down interpretation of what Christianity really was, then I'd like something that appeared to be a fact on my side.
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