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My God does not approve of a sedentary lifestyle.  It is he that provided man with the satisfaction of accomplishment.  He provided the first human pair with worthwhile work to do.  His children today have work to do.  During the 1000 years there will be work to do.  For one, the earth his not going to turn itself into a paradise.  Those resurrected must be welcomed and instructed.  It's not going to all be chaos or occur without our participation.  There will be new divine instructions that will need to be learned.    There will be no lack of things to do.

There's a certain amount of JW midrash, here  :D

If we were to dare to read what's written in the Bible, Jesus says that "we will all be as angels", and won't even be able to marry. I don't quite understand how there will be a lot of work to do, because, even now, humans could fix up the world, fairly rapidly, if we even considered there was a point to it all. The directionlessness of the human species is created by there being no leader with authority, besides the rule of capitalism, and exploitation of natural laws. The chaos is caused by nobody really believing in anything, or knowing what to work towards. The reason that nobody really believes in anything, is apparently because God chooses to hide.

I remember that you are one of the Christians who goes by the book, and has "faith", rather than having a direct experience of God.

However: back to having no leader. I'm pretty sure that 99% humans would fall into line and serve God, if God gave us solutions; that is: actually lead us. If God showed up to me and said, "Listen Add Homonym, you are going to have a happy and fulfilling life, if you just do this this and this". Then, when I did that that and that, it turned out to be true, I would have no doubt that God had saved me, and could tell others that when God appeared to them, and told them what to do, their life would work out peachy.

But, as you know, that's not the way it, works, because this world is supposedly a test from God. If we start really believing in God, then we get cancer, or someone beats us up. If we try to give all our wealth away, as the NT says, then we end up living in the gutter and then getting cancer. The Bible even says that the God of this world is Satan; I suppose to encourage us.

So, what I'm saying, here, is that the New Testament is not a solution, or leadership, because it seems to be a philosophical wank, written by purists who avoided admitting how the real world worked. Indeed, the writers of Christianity considered that the world was about to end, so were not interested in dispensing anything useful, that could settle a political argument. Christ acknowledges this, by saying that he is bringing a sword to the world. (Matt 10:34). What he really means, is that he is Stalin; bringing divisive bullshit. The bullshit sounds plausible, and as if it could work, if only we tried really really hard to adhere to it.

The only thing that actually works, is trying to be nice to people, but Christians screw that up, by pretending that God is real (the he will help you), preaching hell, and adhering to the Old Testament.

This is probably why Christians don't "obey Jesus", and it's why American leadership believes that "Free Trade" and "Trickle Down Capitalism" will fix the world, rather than doing anything that Jesus says. The evidence suggests that if you give your money away to people, they just spend it on shit, and you have lost your capital to help anyone else. How do we strike a balance between giving money away, and building up employment-generating empires, while fighting off communism? (Which is something that Jesus inspired.)  Well, let's look to the Bible... nope nothing there. Lots of stuff about light, dark, false Christs, and demonically possessed pigs, but nothing that helps.

Apparently, we have to make up anything that makes sense, from the prime directive: Love Thy Neighbour. Paul got it right, when he said "For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself." After that, it was all down hill.

  If ever there was a message God wants us to hear, it is this one and that of his sons sacrifice. 

You forgot about the message from Mohammad, that Jesus didn't die on the cross, and that he was just a prophet. I think that God wants us to hear that just as much.

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