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Just to point out, but it seems a little odd that the two stories are so drastically different from each other.  More than a little, actually.  Is there outside corroboration for what she said?

What two stories?

Starwood Hotels aren't disputing any of the details of the rape (as you see from the statement), but she has launched a lawsuit against them, to try to prosecute them for any incompetence/negligence. They are only quibbling about avoiding paying any compensation, to cover their arses, because if they admit that they are f-wits, there might be a public backlash.

The story says that security guards found her unconscious, and the men were in the room. Typically, if you have a foursome gang bang, you would not break 4 ribs, nor would you be stupid enough to report it to the police. You would say that you fell down the stairs. However, if you thought you had been raped, then you would be stupid enough to report it. The story has the smell of a lot of powerful people running away, and hiding behind legal shields.

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