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But why do: 
People occasionally speed past a police car on purpose.
They drink and drive, knowing the consequences.
They know the speed limit is 65, yet they go 66.
They know killing is wrong.....not for God, but for THEM....yet they do it anyway.
Everything points to a state where we know better, but break even our own rules anyway.

Christians aren't sure about what infractions cause what punishment. As far as the religion is concerned, there is only heaven or hell. (Catholics pulled purgatory out of their arse.)

Nobody seems to take Jesus seriously, when he says that looking at another woman in lust after divorce will send you to hell, because the JeSuS who said that, was the pre-Paul JeSUs, who had different beliefs, to the post-Paul jEsuS, who couldn't speak about how he was saving you, by belief in his resurrection, because he hadn't done it yet, or even thought of it. If had said it while he was alive, he would have been stoned, anyway. Talking securely from his new-dead perspective, he could re-invent himself, through Paul. His new position was, "whatever Paul says". Unfortunately, nobody can figure out what Paul said, either.

Thus, Christians vacillate between believing that anything might send them to hell, or nothing will.

Since they have already sinned in the past, then it would be illogical to believe that they were now going to hell, since they don't want to believe that. By induction, if they got away with the previous sin, then they must be able to get away with the next one. UNLESS, they are wrong, and the first sin sent them to hell already, then there is no harm in sinning again, because they are already going to hell.

Since both positions are impossible, or unlikely, the middle path, where they can get away with anything they believe they can get away with, must be the correct one.

They drink and drive, knowing the consequences.

Unless they are really drunk.

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