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In other words, this:
So wouldn't be sensible to assume that those with cancer were extra-sinful in life, given that god has saw fit to inflict suffering upon them?
is not what Christians believe.

Oh, noes I think The Christian Philosopher is confusing Aaron, with his Quantum Jesus Interpretation™ .

Jews™ originally noted that there was a tendency for people who did bad things to reap what they sowed. There is something to this, but when bad is done properly, bad will tend to get away with it, a bit more than is plausible if God were consistently punishing bad people. (see Hitler, George Bush, Saddam Hussein, Winona Ryder)

Jews™ also noted that there were some neutral things that people could do, and still end up in trouble, such as eating poo off your hands, eating uncooked pork, eating saturated fat, or having sex with someone who has a disease. They then vilified these neutral things, confused them with bad things, and forgot the wisdom in the origins.

Having blurred the distinction between what could plausibly be a punishment from God, or a punishment from natural law, you can now make up anything you want, if you need to explain anything that has happened.

This not being enough, Christians now have the added flexibility of inventions such as "free will", demons, works vs faith, new covenants, outdated thinking, prophecy etc. Like chess pieces, they can all be used to explain away any phenomena, according to the preference of the observer, without showing any evidence.

This has now been outdated by Mooby's Quantum Interpretation, where every possible explanation is superimposed. So, an event may be said to be 30% punishment from God, 50% natural law, 19% demonic possession[1], 1% prophecy. Any explanation can be true at the same time, without having to show that any possibilities are based on any evidence.

In fact, I don't even have to reply to Mooby, because I only made this post in 31.6% of possible universes. After this post, I will be in a different universe.

 1. Mooby doesn't believe in demonic possession, but QJI needs to cover explanations that can occur, using all permutations.
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