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Since I believe very strongly that freedom of choice is our greatest gift from our creator this would be in direct violation of that choice. I believe that for us to love as the Creator wants us to love it must be of our own free will.

How exactly do we have free will, if religious institutions have been attempting to brainwash us with threats and lies, for the last 3000+ years?

We certainly have the free will to ignore their drivel, on the basis of the mistakes they make, but that's only with the help of giants who have stood before us. Without their contribution, we would likely be quaking, and totally owned by the Catholic church.

So yes, we have the same type of free will to throw off the yokes of religious oppression, as peasants do, to rid themselves of oppressors in feudal societies. (A long haul)

Your assertion comes back to what I have heard some Christians say: that the holy spirit chooses you arbitrarily. This revelation often comes to murderers and junkies, in prison.

To reharp what jaimehlers said: you can't have free will without information. You apparently have the information that God exists, and that God is love. If you have that information, then it would be silly to ignore it, and ignore God - somewhat like having no free will. By showing himself to you, God has effectively robbed you of your free will. So, you supposedly have the information to make a decision, but the decision has been made for you, because God chose you.

I know a Christian who was previously a ratbag, who went to church for some reason, and then he heard God say "Pete, this is your last chance". Thereafter, he fell down "like a sack of potatoes", and wept. Sound like free will to you?

Now, I don't mind God appearing in the sky, and telling me I have free will, but the theologies that I'm presented with, do not make sense, if free will is important. If God appeared to me and told me that I could serve him, or not, and there would be no punishment or reward, then that would be free will.

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