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Free will is the most important part of our existence, because what I understand is that we must choose to love correctly in order for us to have the salvation that such beliefs are supposed to bring about.
Please ask any questions or make any comments.

Free will originates in a Christian lamer concept, of trying to explain why there is no evidence that God exists, whilst at the same time, claiming that they have evidence that God exists. Further Christian lamers like to also condemn people to hell using it: "You are going to hell, because you have free will, and you chose to ignore Christ". Without free will, hell doesn't work very well, because loving-God just sends most people to hell.

Nobody chooses to "love correctly"without heavy indoctrination into some faith, or belief system, beforehand. There may be some that start off Christian, who end up "loving correctly", later, as atheists. The only way you could love correctly, is if you never heard of salvation, but did it anyway. It is a rare individual, in a rare position, who will do this, which suggests that it's more about genetics and luck, than some talent of meditation.

Who you are is genetic. If you are born a psychopath, or autistic, you cannot love anybody correctly. Where was God, when we needed good love genetics? Answer: he created a competitive system, where we needed to kill for food, and then come up with lamer reasons to be nice to others, so that law enforcement would be cheaper, and our own lives more productive.

Religions have focussed on "love" as an end, because it keeps society going. However, nobody has thought up a reason for society, so it just keeps on developing technology and pop music.

You may have to face the fact that: (1) free will doesn't exist (2) we could love perfectly OK with God revealing himself.

By God not revealing himself, what he does is create a pit of hate, pointlessness and misdirection, not a place of free will. If God does not show himself, it's because he can't; not because it has any divine point to an individual's free will.
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