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WAIT... WAIT... I got one. You won't be able to explain this fabulous coincidence.

I decided to remove the thick skin on my foot, using an Ozito rotary tool   -> https://bnnn72.ssl-cdn.s.mel.secureinf.net/Product-800x800/846bc6a9-ef34-47bf-a3bd-436a4d45e0d7.jpg

As you can see, the tool looks a bit like Obama, because it has a small knob, and when you put a sanding bit on it, it looks about the right size to be Obama's head (very small).

Unfortunately, I ground down the skin a bit too far on my left foot, and this caused a some thin skin, and a bloody fissure to develop on my heel. So, I had to walk around on the tippy toes of my left foot, for the next 5 days.


Why did Obama injure my foot, and then decide to impart his personality onto it?

Two days later, owing to the fact that I'd been standing on my tippy toes, my foot arch tendons inflamed, and every day for the last 2 months, I have been wondering how to get rid of the problem. I slowly reaslised that the Crocs I have been wearing, have been pushing up into the arch, as the tendons stretch, and making them sore. I found that when I wore my Australian-manufactured shoes, with no arch support, my feet got better.


Obama wears Crocs. What are the chances of that? Not only did Obama injure me, but his shoe preferences have been gnawing away at me for the last 2 months.

What has God been trying to tell me all the time?

Obviously that Obama is responsible for destroying USA, by letting cheap shoes and other imports ruin the economy!

OK, I did lie a little bit, to make the amazing story work. My Australian branded Blundstones are manufactured in China as well.  http://www.blundstone.com.au/about/overview

But, I think you see, over-all, it's quite an amazing set of coincidences.
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