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Paragraph 1: my answer is that every person who prays to TGC(The Great Contriver) seems to get different answers. The amputation question is more about a threshold that TGC doesn't want to pass. Why TGC doesn't pass this threshold is of no import; the problem is that there is a threshold, and that he never does pass it. If TGC is omnipotent and does in fact interfere in people's lives, there should be no threshold. Atheists infer that the fact that TGC does not pass this threshold, indicates that he is also not passing other lower thresholds, despite claims that he does.

2: goes nowhere, and argues nothing

3: it's "bowled", not bold. The rest of the paragraph also goes nowhere

4: you argue that we should give up and not study anything. This is a major-league cop-out. If it were up to you, you'd attribute Gridiron and Chess to the creator, which makes it meaningless. Yet another paragraph that goes nowhere.

5: "We have the choice of choosing His government, His authority and His laws," but we get several religions and versions of the laws, and He doesn't prove any of them make a difference. " then why should He force them against their own will and choices" He gives us freedom, by not giving us any laws. We make them all up, and attribute them to Him. This is why they are unconvincing, and evil people ignore them.

6: "Since evil is also present in our world, we also have to ask ourselves, where it was originated". Oh, that's easy. God made all the evil.
"And since mankind was given the universal choice, by the Great Creator in Eden, to choose their own destiny," No, we were told to not eat a yummy  fruit that god dangled in our faces, with a talking snake..
"But The Great Creator is even more merciful than man, cause He forgives mankind and allows them their lifetime to get things right with Him," Unless they die early, or born into Islam. Basically, you just said that everyone makes peace with God, and we are all saved. KTHX BAI

7. "May I say that I am not now a Christian, because I have found out that Christianity is based on religionised paganism". That's nice. Prove it.
8. "Mankind neither seeks to know The Great Creator their Maker,  nor choose Him to rule over their lives. They instead have accepted their own ways,, lifestyle choices and religion gods  (all demons of  corruptions and deceptions) which is ruled over by Satan" You seem to have bought into the pagan idea of Satan, an evil God, created by TGC, to fuck us over, for no good reason. And then you have the temerity to say we made the choice to follow him deliberately, but not the true god, deliberately. (Yet, we have no proof of either in existence.)

9. "However, if we choose to go our own ways, then He simply leaves us to get on with it, and whatever comes as a result of our own choices, we only have ourselves to blame," ... and the fact that He never revealed himself, and that he put us into a difficult life.

10. "I just want you to know that I am not trying to back any religion at all here," Oh, Jeez, no. But you seem to believe in the garden of eden, and are against evolution, and quote Psalms.
"who indeed hears my prayer, provide all my needs" You are just saying that.
11. "Via their translation process, they added in what they choose, to promote Jupiter-Zeus as Jesus Christ." Oh, FFS. Christianity was invented by Christians, around 130AD. Stop making shit up
Thank you for your kind and thoughtful attention Jesus Christ.
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