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I can't believe you people are basing your premise on whether or not god is real on if he will answer your demand and in the time frame you request.  He won't heal my amputated arm....no God.  he won't stop murder... no God.  He won't appear and do jumping jacks when I want him to...No evidence of a God.

Let me make a parable.  say you were creating a beautiful piece of handmade furniture that required many pieces and those many pieces had to be precisely cut, and sanded, and stained, and varnished, and assembled to perfection to make this extraordinary outcome.

Then one of the pieces of wood jumped out at you and said what the fuck are you doing?  Why the fuck is my arm cut off right now and why won't you heal it immediately?  If you truely are my maker and have good intentions for me in the end then you will do as I ask you to do right now.  If you do not then I will deny that you even exist.

Then you say I'm sorry piece of wood but in the near future you will be happier and more beautiful than you could ever imagine.  I'm not going to heal your cut because the time is not right and I can foresee this where you cannot.  And you say fuck you I can see just fine.  Heal me Now!  I can think for myself!  I know this because I am so smart that I know where I came from.  Wait a minute,  I don't even know that, but I am still so fucking smart HAHAHA
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