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I will defend, all day long, the rights of a company to make a profit (even a huge, monstrous profit) in line with ethical business practices.  However, if a pharmaceutical company has marketed a vaccine that was rushed to production, not tested thoroughly, the cost-to-benefit ratio is too high, inadequate results, or other reasons then we have a violation of ethics and I do not support that.  I'm unaware of the Gardasil campaign, mostly because I'm not a parent and I'm past the age where HPV vaccinations are recommended.

I know I have more to say I'm just finding the words difficult to precisely express my stance.  As far as the microbiology side of things:  there are dozens of HPV strains and variants.  Most are innocuous and most everybody has been exposed to them.  Some cause warts, both genital and non-genital.  And few cause cancers[1].

You know what prevents HPV & has no side effects --  CONDOMS.

Technically... condoms only reduce the risk.  You can still get HPV infections while using a condom and HPV is the most common STD.[2]
 1. Relying on foggy memory I want to say HPV type 16 or 18 is the main cause of cervical cancer
 2. http://www.cdcnpin.org/scripts/std/std.asp#1e
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